Key Information

Star Community College undertakes various marketing activities to attract students to enroll in the aged care courses on its scope. Also to help the students to take an appropriate decision or to choose the right course Star Community College provides the prospective students with:

Course Information

Star Community College provides complete details on various courses on its scope to prospective students to assist them to make appropriate decision about their course options. Star Community College provides this information to the prospective students through:

There are various types of course information and this information includes (but is not limited to):

  • Course overview;
  • Course entry requirements;
  • English language proficiency requirements;
  • Mode of delivery for the course;
  • Information on types of assessments;
  • Units of competency in the course;
  • Course inclusions, such as textbooks or other learning materials;
  • Course duration and expected study loads;
  • Course pre-requisites;
  • Information relating to the Trainers and Assessors of the course;
  • Industry recognition of the course;
  • Opportunities for Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer;
  • Vocational or job outcomes and
  • Course tuition fees and any other related fees.

General Study Information

Star Community College provides General Study Information to the prospective students which mainly includes the general terms and conditions of studying with Star Community College. General Study Information also includes information relating to Star Community College’s:

  • Learning approach and principles;
  • Academic support services;
  • Learning support services;
  • Student administrative support services;
  • Relevant policies and procedures;
  • Student terms and conditions of enrollment;
  • Any administrative fees and
  • General study advice and guidance.

Source of General Study Information

The Student Handbook is the foundation source document for General Study Information provided to prospective students. The Student Handbook is available to:

Course and Careers Advice

Prospective students are encouraged to spend time with Star Community College’s staff who can discuss their study and career options and the courses available including Certificate III in Individual Support at Star Community College. Our staff is well educated and expert in providing the advice to choose the best from the courses offered by Star Community College. Our staff will discuss with the prospective students:

  • Objectives and goals;
  • Background and work experience;
  • Previous education experience and qualifications;
  • Expectations of the course;
  • Expectations of the general study experience;
  • Time commitments;
  • Proposed course, including:
  • Vocational outcomes of the course;

Based on this information, Star Community College’s staff will determine:

  • The appropriateness of the proposed course of study for the student and

Star Community College’s staff will also outline:

  • The tuition fees for the course;
  • The payment options (upfront or installment) and
  • Entry Requirements and Pre-Requisites;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfers;
  • English Language Proficiency Requirements;
  • Duration and general time commitments;
  • Mode of delivery;
  • Assessment approach;
  • Any work placement requirements and
  • Any other specific course requirements.



  • Whether there may be opportunities for Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer.



  • Any other administrative fees for the course;
  • The key terms of the Student Agreement including the Refund and Refund Period.

Enrolment Support

Where a prospective student wishes to enroll in a course, Star Community College’s staff will support the student to complete the enrollment process as per Admissions and Enrollment Procedure.

Student Agreement

The Student Agreement informs students of their rights and obligations with Star Community College. Prospective students are required to read and accept the Student Agreement prior to enrollment. The Student Agreement is published on the Enrollment Form.