Welcome to Star Community College. As you work your way toward establishing a career in community service, we are here to assist you at every step of learning.

We suggest reading the Course Brochure at the onset. These have been especially compiled to give you a better understanding of course materials, entry requirements and future prospects.

Next, the prospective student needs to fill an Enrollment Form. This will help in our better understanding of your literacy and language skills and will establish your specific needs from the course.

A training manager will review the forms and will discuss any discrepancies in eligibility for the course and student’s needs over Email, phone or in person. If, in case, entry requirements are not met by the student, proper guidance and counseling sessions for the student will be provided to check for any other potential options.

The above mentioned process of checking takes place prior to payment in order to make sure the prospective student knows what to expect from the course and also, to give high quality support to our participants. We highly appreciate your commitment toward study and, therefore, want to clear everything before any investment in time or money is made.

If everything is suited to the student’s needs and eligibility for the course, we will send a confirmation Email to the registered Email ID of the student. Here, you will receive the details of the course viz. commencement date, trainer’s details and payment options.

You can find all the materials in the Download section, especially compiled for your every need related the courses.

In case you have any questions or concerns, please Email to us at admin@star.edu.au You can also call us at 02-96764156 | 02-86786260 For your better understanding, we can also schedule a private one-on- one counseling session with you.

A simple 3-step Enrollment Process:

  1. Download and print Enrollment Form
  2. Fill the above form
  3. Email us the above filled form at admin@star.edu.au or bring your form along with your photoIDs to our office at Suite G&H (First Floor), 111 Main St, Blacktown, NSW 2148 and we will help you with the enrollment process