About Star

Star Community College was built on one premise – to create proud and capable volunteers of future to serve the community. While in Star, be sure to enjoy the following benefits:

High international standards

We offer aged care and disability courses that are nationally recognized and along with high support through theory classes and strong community engagement, we make sure that students get a head start in their careers. Our courses are provided through a mix of instruction modes, like lecture, video, group discussions, presentations, and other interactive media. Also, group activities like message boards, projects and forums can help you interact and learn better.

Flexible courses

Courses (Certificate III in Individual Support) are offered in a way that can fit every student’s lifestyle, with a few hours’ flexible program options also available. So, now around your life and not the other way around. Also, with customized payment plans, you can never feel burdened and rather, focus on your studies.

Soft skills training

Our trainers’ commitment, our strategically devised modes of instruction, industry focus, and academic innovation are sure to make you competent enough to handle any task related to community service. Most of all, we endeavor to teach our students the values of compassion and empathy.

Extensive media access

With a library and digital media space situated within the institute, we make sure that our students have enough resources to keep them abreast with the study materials. Here, studied material is also provided in digital as well as printed forms.

Industry focused courses

Star Community College has strong links with the industry and engages with the community at regular intervals. This helps us in further developing our study programs by learning the changing needs of the community and molding our students to suit the requirements of employers and the modern workplace. Thus, you can trust us with providing practical, relevant and career focused courses.